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Youth Poetry Walk

The 2019 Eastern Panhandle Pride Youth Poetry Walk is a celebration of the spirit and creativity of our local youth.  
All youth, LGBTQ+ and allies, up through age 20 are invited to submit short original poems to be included in this event.

Poems will be printed and posted around Shepherdstown, WV prior to the weekend of our Eastern Panhandle Pride event, June 29th, 2019.

Families are invited to enjoy walking through Shepherdstown, keeping an eye out for the poems which will be in shop windows, or on bulletin boards, and in various places throughout the festival and in town.    

A printed guide to the poems will be available at the welcome booth at the festival.   If a very large number of submissions are received, some submissions may be presented in a binder available to be read at the welcome booth.

We intend to have a small group of local writers read the poems prior to the festival, and select a few for honorable mention.  Poems may be on any topic, but must be appropriate for display in a family setting and public shop window.

To submit A Poem:

You must submit the poem using the online submission form below or via email to easternpanhandlepride@gmail.com.

The maximum number of lines is 18 (not including title or byline), and the maximum number of characters per line is 44.

Poems must be submitted by June 15.

You must also submit the signed permission form before the poem will be posted.   

Name for publication
The poem needs to be 18 lines or less. Please give any instructions that are needed for formatting. You can copy and paste the text below or email to easternpanhandlepride@gmail.com